We are always trying new ideas and creating resources that we would like to make available to others. The idea of this page is to invite people to give donations to acquire those resources. 

If you select the desired resource from the dropdown menu below, you will be able to select your donation amount. When you receive your donation receipt in the email, it will supply you with the link that allows you to view the selected resource. We ask that you not share those links with anyone outside your immediate family.

It is important to know the IRS tax code allows you to write off as a tax-deduction the amount of donation that exceeds “fair market value.” The list below outlines the current resources available, their fair market value, and the suggested donation. Feel free to donate what you would like, but keep in mind the restrictions of tax deduction.

We hope these resources will be helpful to you. Thank you for your support.

A Passover Experience: The Seder Meal with Marty Solomon (VIDEO)

Fair Market Value: $20 
Suggested donation: $30-40

White Privilege: Made Up or Major Problem? (VIDEO)

Fair Market Value: $10
Suggested Donation: $15-20