The following is a brief collection of ICM’s history.  If you have been a part of Impact’s history, we encourage you to tell us about it as we work to collect stories from our past.

We love our story and want to remember it.  Yes, stories have both joys and sorrows.  But we believe that God is going to use every part of our history to bring about His good purposes.  Help us honor the story HE is telling through us–send us your memory of Impact by clicking here.

July 1, 1995: Dean Trune starts a campus ministry, then known as “Harvest Campus Ministries.”  It began with five staff members in Albany, NY (State University of NY at Albany).  All five of these staff members were part of His House Christian Fellowship at Michigan State University, where Dean had served as a campus minister.

1995-2000: Harvest Campus Ministries added teams in a variety of places, including Columbia, SC; Tampa, FL; Szeged, Hungary; Lowell, MA; Munich, Germany.

1999:  The board of Directors approved a name change for the organization.  The new name of Impact Ministries International was adopted.

2000-2009: Several more ministries were added: Murfreesboro , TN; Phoenix, AZ; Boise, ID; Moscow, ID; Tucson, AZ; Ft. Meyers, FL; Auckland, New Zealand; Colorado Springs, CO; Prague, Czech Republic; Cork, Ireland; South Bend, IN; DeKalb, IL, Salt Lake City, UT; Charlotte, NC.

2003-2005: Impact Ministries International started the Discipleship Training Center for college students.  The 9-month program focused on Christian discipleship and ministry experience in both the USA and abroad.  Eight students participated in the first year, and seven in the second year.

2010: The Board of Directors for Impact Ministries International made the decision to encourage the development of a new and distinct ministry that will be focused exclusively on the work of campus ministry to the college students of the USA. This new ministry is eventually established under the direction of a newly formed board of directors. This ministry was given the name, Impact Campus Ministries (ICM). Impact Ministries International adopted a new name, Intentional Impact Living (to be led by Dean Trune), with a renewed ministry focus on prayer and spiritual coaching. Impact Campus Ministrie’s initial leadership team included Bill Westfall, Jeff Vanderlaan, and Jeff Jackson.

2010-2012: ICM made a commitment to investing considerable resources into defining and clarifying its mission and vision. As a result, ICM determined to develop a stronger administrative support base for its campus ministers. The Policies and Procedures Manual was rewritten, and a new system of donor management was implemented. These and other changes enabled ICM to grow its financial base by over 30% in two years.

2013: ICM launches Impact Current, its official alumni network–a collaborative network designed to promote Impact’s vision to “Impact the U. Impact the World.” ICM pursues opportunities for planting new ministries in California and Texas (both being new for state for ICM), as well as in Indiana, Oregon, and Illinois.

2014: Bill Westfall and Jeff VanderLaan expand the Development Team to include two more positions (Director of Staff Development, Lowell Kosak and Director of Discipleship, Marty Solomon). This proves to be a key component of ICM’s continued health and growth as an organization, allowing the leadership to begin to dream, set goals, and take new ground in moving towards more staff, more campuses, and more organizational health.

2016: Bill Westfall steps down as ICM President and the role is eventually filled by Marty Solomon. Ellen Luke joins the Development Team as Director of Administration and the growth that began under Bill and Jeff’s leadership continues. A new initiative is formed that is referred to as “20 by 25,” an organizational goal of trying to have 20 ICM teams doing ministry on campuses across the country by the year 2025.