At Impact we rally around our convictions. Throughout our history, we have become the most passionate in our discussions over these four topics:

  1. Our DEFINITION of SUCCESS: We firmly believe that true success is developing intimacy with God and Christian community with each other.  Fruitfulness is the product of our passion for, and pursuit of God.
  2. Our commitment to TEAM: We firmly believe that we can make a stronger impact for the kingdom of God, and see more fruitfulness in ministry, by working as teams of individuals.
  3. Our commitment to PRAYER:  We firmly believe that prayer must be the foundation of everything that we do.  Prayer is how we listen to God, and how He aligns us to His will.
  4. Our commitment to PERSONAL SUPPORT-RAISING: We firmly believe that everyone in the organization should be involved in the raising of funds, and in the proper use of these funds, which have been given for our stewardship.  Support-raising serves to deepen our trust in God.

Our organizational mission, our vision for what we are called to do in the world, and the things we value together as a group, should come out of these uniting convictions — and they do.



As stated above, out ministries are built on the premise that true success is developing intimacy with God, modeling & teaching it in community with one another, to college students across the country.


We exist to pursuemodel and teach intimacy with God on the American university campus, in Christian community, impacting the world with God’s redemptive story of grace and reconciliation of humanity through faith in Jesus. 



“Impact the U [university campus]. Impact the World.”

Though we do not aim for making an impact in the world, we recognize that God does use His people to proclaim His glory and goodness to the world.  Our desire is to love people, empowered ourselves by the love that God establishes in us through our intimate relationship with Him.  We live with the expectation that, as we pursue, model, and teach intimacy with God, that God, Himself, will make an impact in the world through us.

We believe that students, living in an intimate relationship with God, will make an impact on their world today, as well as in the future.  We pray for this, and hope for this, and look with anticipation to see this, as it becomes a reality in the lives of the students we serve.

Therefore, we define success accordingly:

Success is developing intimacy with God and community with each other, through a living relationship with Jesus. We believe that an individual, who is developing intimacy with God, in the context of Christian community, will make an impact for the Kingdom of God.

A team of individuals, who make an impact for the Kingdom of God, will have a fruitful ministry.  Though we do not aim for “making an impact,” and we do not aim for “fruitful ministries,” we recognize that these two situations will supernaturally occur when individuals develop intimacy with God in Christian community.

Ministry is the product of our love for God, and an expression of a heart devoted to God.  We must not allow “ministry for God” to crowd “intimacy with God” out of our lives.  We cannot control “making an impact,” and we cannot control “fruitful ministries,” but we have absolute control over developing intimacy with God and being devoted to one another.



Core Values are the things we will not bend on, those beliefs to which we hold strongly, and the ideals to which we cling.  As we work to accomplish our mission, to carry out our vision, both individually, as well as organizationally, we need to give careful consideration to our values.

As individuals, and as an organization, we are driven by these core beliefs:

  1. We value “passion for God”:  We believe the number one core value for our ministry is to pursue intimacy with God. We believe our pursuit of God should come before our pursuit of ministry, and that this pursuit of God will produce successful and fruitful ministries.  We are committed to prayer, and to obedience to God’s Word, the Bible, as God’s truth revealed to humanity.  It is the inspired Word of God, useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting, and training in righteousness (2 Timothy 3:14-16).
  2. We value community with one another:  We believe that God created us, and commands us, to live in community (fellowship) with one another. We are committed to accountability.  The nature of living in fellowship with one another includes this aspect of holding one another accountable in our spiritual lives.  We will foster a culture of community, where accountability is expected, accepted, and appreciated. We are committed to doing ministry in teams, because we believe this is God’s desire for us and will help to produce more successful and fruitful ministries.
  3. We value people of high character and integrity:  We believe our staff should reflect God’s character, as His representatives on the university campuses, as well as among our fellow believers in the local church.
  4. We value an attitude of excellence:  We believe everything we do should draw and attract people to God and His kingdom, and that an attitude of excellence (giving our very best to God) is a reflection of our love for God.  We are committed to raise the necessary resources to do our ministry well, to the best of our ability, according to God’s calling.
  5. We value connection with the local church:  We believe that all Christians need to be connected to the church, Christ’s Body, in obedience to Christ’s desires for us, as well as to maintain the spiritual vitality necessary in our lives.
  6. We value a compassion for people:  We believe that our God-given ministry is to serve the university campuses, and through them the rest of the world (Impact the U. Impact the world.) We are committed to helping students pursue God, and to helping them make an impact in the world, both today, as university students, as well as in the future, in whatever capacity they fulfill in the world.