Prayer Journeys



Prayer is one of our core values we believe is fundamental to everything that we do in relationship with Jesus Christ.  As we consider expanding to new campuses, we will always start by seeking God’s heart and direction first through prayer. By going on a prayer journey, you will be given a chance to pray “on site with insight” for the thousands of students coming from all over the world to attend an American University. This is a chance for you to engage the culture and join other listeners to hear God’s heart for campus ministry. There is power in prayer and we need people willing to go, learn and pray for the world. Will you join us?

Why would I do this?

We believe that by joining us on campus and experiencing firsthand the culture and needs of an unreached people group; you will be better equipped to effectively pray for the thousands who continue to live without the truth found in our Lord and Savior. We also believe that by walking in the footsteps of college students, understanding them and praying over them, you are laying the foundation which will open the doors for them to hear the truth and know their Creator, His love, grace, mercy and salvation.

WHO CAN BE A 'prayer Journeyer'?

Those participating on a prayer journey must be a disciple of Jesus, which means that you are submitted to Jesus, becoming like him. Those who pursue an intimate relationship will be in tune with the Holy Spirit’s leading and voice. As we walk, the presence of Jesus goes with us and prompts us to opportunities and divine appointments .Journeyers must have servant hearts and be willing to pray in public places on campus. We need people who are willing to prayfor the campus and the students who find themselves there. 

WhAT will I do?

A prayer journey is designed to take you on the path and experience the life of a university student. It is intense, focused, challenging and will take you out of your comfort zone. You will pray for those who may have never been prayed over, visit their world, interact in their lives, and be part of a generation that is hungry for God.

WhAT DOES a typical day look like?

The day begins with a team meeting, where you will receive prayer points for the university we will be walking. Your team will then split up into pairs or small groups, and walk through the campus, praying for specific prayer points, as well as anything else the Lord leads you to pray for. Team members usually visit student centers, dining commons, libraries, dorms (if open), chapels and any other place where you can observe and interact with students in their culture. 

HOW many people are on a team?

There really isn’t a limit to the amount of people who will pray on campus. We have had anywhere from 12-20 on a team. Should we have larger teams we will debrief our experience in smaller groups so that all can participate and share what they have heard. The team could be college students, supporters, church leaders, alumni, college faculty and staff, and campus ministers.  

How long are the trips?

The average prayer journey is two to three days. Our time together will include short training and explanation, time on campus praying, worship and debrief. 

How do I join a Prayer Journey?

Contact Lowell Kosak: